IHOP Dinner Menu Prices: A Full Breakdown

6 minute read | Published: May 10, 2024 | Updated: May 25, 2024

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IHOP Dinner Prices

If you ask my kids what they want for dinner, don’t expect them to say “Pizza!!”

They’ll say “IHOP!!” in a heartbeat.

This is why we go to IHOP for dinner at least once a month. Usually, I stick to traditional breakfast options when I eat at IHOP like pancakes, eggs and sandwiches. But not always. I also enjoy the Sirloin Steak Tips and Eggs, on occasion.

The kids would enjoy Jr. Chicken Strips Dinner, which costs around $8 and my husband often orders the Country Fried Steak. IHOP is definitely a lifesaver in times when I’m simply too tired to make dinner.

What are the Latest IHOP Dinner Menu Prices?

IHOP offers a range of entrees and here are the prices:

Country Fried Steak $17.27          

New! T-Bone Steak Dinner $22.45            

All-Natural Roasted Turkey $17.17           

NEW! Sirloin Salisbury Steak $18.91      

New! Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $15.71               

Boneless Fried Chicken $12.59

Roasted Turkey & Stuffing $12.15             

NEW! All-Natural Salmon $18.28              

Tilapia Florentine $12.20                

Roasted Turkey and Fixings $12.49          

New! All-Natural Roasted Turkey $15.78              

Crispy Fish & Chips $11.36           

Grilled Tilapia $15.20       

T-Bone Steak Dinner $22.57         

Atlantic Salmon $19.66  

Sirloin Salisbury Steak $18.58   

Sirloin Steak Tips $17.48                 

Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch $15.61 

Sirloin Steak Tips & Crispy Shrimp $15.59          

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $12.84            

T-Bone Steak is listed at $18.92         

Buffalo Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries is listed at $14.42               

Pot Roast is listed at $17.72

IHOP offers a selection of Platters such as:

Crispy Shrimp and Fries Platter is priced at $16.47               

Crispy Fish and Fries Platter is priced at $16.54      

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries is priced at $13.12    

Fisherman’s Platter is priced at $15.46         

Boneless BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries is priced at $14.97             

Nashville Crispy Chicken Strips and Fries is priced at $15.32

Hickory-Smoked Bacon Strips is priced at $3.44

The Classic with Bacon (Steakburger) costs $10.02             

Mega Monster Cheeseburger costs $13.59                 

Big Brunch (Steakburger) costs $10.42         

Jalapeño Kick (Steakburger) costs $13.14

Bourbon Bacon Jam  costs $16.32  

The Classic costs $11.79       

The Classic Steakburger costs $9.35              

The Classic with Bacon costs $12.72

Mega Monster costs $11.85

Cowboy BBQ Steakburger costs $10.27       

Big Brunch costs $12.94         

Cowboy BBQ costs $13.15   

Jalapeño Kick costs $13.14  

Loaded Philly  costs $10.56  

Garlic Butter costs $10.48    

Loaded Philly Steakburger costs $10.19      

Patty Melt costs $9.43               

The Classic Burrito and Bowl costs $13.33                 

Southwest Chicken Burrito and Bowl costs $15.45               

Add Extra Salsa or Sauce costs $1.19

IHOP also has a specific dinner menu for Seniors called Dinner 55+ and here are the options and senior prices:

55+ Roast Turkey Dinner which costs $9.36               

55+ Country Fried Steak Dinner which costs $10.06            

IHOP salad options for dinner

Does IHOP Have Salad Options for Dinner?

If you fancy a salad, here are some options available:

Chicken Cobb Salad  is valued at $10.46     

House Salad is valued at $4.15          

Chicken Caesar Salad is valued at $13.28 

Fresh Fruit Bow is valued at $5.50   

Chicken and Spinach Salad is valued at $10.83     

Grilled Chicken & Veggie Salad is valued at $10.96

Chicken and Veggie Salad is valued at $13.48         

Chicken Quesadilla is valued at $14.11

Fresh Berry Salad is valued at $15.92             

Chopped Chicken Salad is valued at $15.92             

What are the Options for Appetizers at IHOP?

Jalapeño Cheese Bites is selling for $11.17                

Cinnamon Dippers is selling for $6.83           

Crispy Shrimp is selling for $10.19  

Chicken Quesadilla is selling for $14.46      

Appetizer Sampler is selling for $13.01         

Buttermilk Crispy Chicken and Fries is selling for $9.41    

Mozza Sticks is selling for $9.74        

Chicken & Three-Cheese Quesadilla is selling for $9.72   

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Strips & Fries is selling for $10.29         

Crispy Chicken Strip & Fries is selling for $9.76       

Crispy Chicken Strips & Fries is selling for $10.62

What are the Side Options Available at IHOP?

To add some tasty sides to your meal, they offer:

Buttered Toast is tagged at $3.02      

Egg Any Style is tagged at $1.82         

Seasonal Mixed Fruit is tagged at $5.04        

English Muffin is tagged at $2.77       

Crispy Breakfast Potatoes is tagged at $4.79             

Two Plant-Based Sausage Patties is tagged at $6.06            

Onion Rings is tagged at $4.39            

Grilled Buttermilk Biscuit is tagged at $2.72              

Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese is tagged at $4.17             

Two Plant-Based Sausage Patties is tagged at $5.73    

IHOP Stack of Pancakes        

Crispy Potato Pancake is tagged at $3.60   

Seasonal Fresh Fruit is tagged at $5.60        

Syrup Caddy is tagged at $0.77          

Crispy Potato Pancakes is tagged at $4.29

International House of Pancakes

Buttered English Muffin is tagged at $3.71 

2 Eggs $3.30         

Hash Browns $3.91         

Turkey Sausage Links $3.34      

Turkey Bacon Strips $3.39          

Pork Sausage Links $3.69            

Slice of Ham $4.92          

French Fries $3.64           

Does IHOP Offer Gluten-Friendly Menu Items for Dinner?

If you have gluten sensitivities or preferences, they’ve got you covered with their Gluten-Friendly options:

Gluten-Friendly Classic Steakburger $10.22          

Gluten-Friendly Classic with Bacon Steakburger $10.93                

Gluten-Friendly Mega Monster Steakburger $12.24           

Gluten-Friendly Jalapeño Kick Steakburger $11.25            

Gluten-Friendly Loaded Philly Steakburger $11.21             

Gluten-Friendly Garlic Butter Steakburger $11.14               

Gluten-Friendly Grilled Chicken Sandwich $10.86             

Gluten-Friendly Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad $10.14         

Does IHOP Offer a Kid-Friendly Menu for Dinner?

Yes, here are menu items my kids love:

Chicken Nuggets is $5.43              

KRAFT® Macaroni & Cheese is $6.16     

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is $5.28

Jr. Chicken Strip Dinner is $5.82                

Kid’s All-Natural Black Angus Jr. Cheeseburger is $5.84            

Kid’s Jr. Ice Cream Sundae is $2.81        

Kids Jr. Sundae with Chocolate Sauce is $2.40               

Kids Jr. Sundae with Glazed Strawberries is $2.48        

When does IHOP start serving their dinner menu?

IHOP serves dinner all day long, so we can all enjoy their full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

IHOP kid-friendly dinner menu

IHOP Customer Testimonials

Akiko I.

Brooklyn, NY

Recently visited and happy to see an expanded menu that offers among other things protein pancake options. They also opened an additional small room, and no longer rely on plastic utensils anymore (although if you drop one, they’ll bring you a plastic replacement for some reason).

Our waitress was excellent and the food really filling: I think I would’ve been okay with one mixed-berry protein pancake with my protein sides as I couldn’t finish them and my partner didn’t need lunch with her Spicy Poblano Omelette.

One thing that was annoying was one of the workers was arguing with another on the other side of the cut-out wall, one seat over from us, and we could hear their whole conversation throughout the meal: I can’t imagine how the couple sitting directly within earshot felt.

Natalie C.

Charlotte, NC

Great service. We had a party of 4 and didn’t have a long wait. I was slow to decide what I wanted. But I made a great decision. The pancakes never miss. The one or 2 times I actually indulge in pancakes it’s Ihop. I just wish they still had Boysenberry syrup.

Des B

Boston, MA

My coffee, my omelette and my pancakes all delicious. The omelette meal is very generous to include pancakes as well! Our server was kind and prompt. I don’t remember his name but he did a great job on a busy Sunday morning. We were a party of two and had to wait about 25 minutes before being seated which was pretty good considering the entire lobby was filled with waiting diners!

Final Thoughts on the IHOP dinner menu prices

IHOP’s dinner menu is always something I can rely on when I’m looking to eat something delicious and satisfying. Plus, the all-day availability of all their menu options means they’re available anytime. With dinner menu prices ranging from $11 to $22 for entrees, IHOP is certainly an excellent option for a filling meal. For more information, Visit, IHOP early bird special.

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