How much does an IHOP coffee cost? A Full Breakdown

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A comparison for the price range of IHOP coffee.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t survive a day without coffee. This is why coffee is one of the first things I look forward to whenever we go to IHOP. Their International House of Pancakes and Roast Coffee smells oh so good especially when combined with the aroma of freshly made pancakes. Talk about the perfect combination.

IHOP’s signature Colombian blend is made from 100% Arabica beans. You can get free refills on both the hot and iced coffee too, which is a great deal especially for coffee lovers like myself. Back in college, I would consume up to 4 cups of coffee per day. Nowadays I limit it to no more than 2 cups. Even so, the Never Empty Coffee Pot at IHOP means I could get my 2nd cup for free.

If you’re wondering how much does an IHOP menu price online of coffee, it’s $2.80 for hot coffee, $3.17 for their International House Roast Coffee and $3.41 for the cold-brew iced coffee.

The prices for IHOP’s coffee is straightforward enough as there aren’t many options to choose from. This is IHOP after all, not Starbucks.

However, IHOP also offers coffee products which you can purchase in retail stores. I’ll discuss this and other details in this post.

IHOP’s Retail Coffee Products

IHOP has partnered with Kraft Heinz to offer home-brewable coffee products including K-cups which are now available in various stores online and offline. Kraft Heinz is the company behind well-known coffee brands like Maxwell House and Gevalia.

IHOP calls this new coffee line “the best thing since pancakes!” The coffee is made from 100% premium Arabica coffee beans and inspired by our favorite pancakes. The prices for their retail coffee products range from $5.48 to $18.98 and you can choose from various sizes, grind and preparation.

Here are some of their bestsellers:

IHOP Medium Roast Coffee Blend in 20 oz and 12 oz bags

IHOP Buttery Syrup Flavored Coffee 11 oz

IHOP Chocolate Chip Flavored Ground Coffee 11 oz

IHOP Signature Blend Medium Roast Keurig K-Cup (22 pods)

You can buy these products on IHOP’s official website or from partner stores like Amazon and Walmart.

IHOP coffee menu with prices listed for hot coffee, iced coffee, and specialty blends.

Does IHOP offer free refills on coffee?

Yes IHOP has free refills on both hot and iced coffee. Take note, however, that the free refill is not applicable to its flavored coffee like the  Café de Sabor, French Vanilla and Swiss Mocha.

Can I order decaf coffee at IHOP?

Yes, you can order decaf coffee at IHOP. They have a variety of beverages, including decaffeinated coffee for individuals who prefer or need to avoid caffeine for health reasons, dietary restrictions or personal preference.

Is the IHOP coffee available for take out or delivery?

Absolutely. You can order coffee for takeout, curbside pickup or delivery. This option is also available through their partner delivery platforms like UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub.

Is coffee available all day at IHOP?

Yes it is. IHOP is an all-day breakfast restaurant which means you can also get your caffeine fix anytime of the day – or night!

Aside from coffee, what other beverage options are available at IHOP?

Other beverage options at IHOP include:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Freshly Brewed Iced Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Lemonade Iced Tea
  • Premium Loose-Leaf
  • Hot Tea by Revolution®
  • Premium Pure-Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Fruit Juices (apple, cranberry)
  • Splashberry
  • Tropical Island twist
  • Fountain drinks
  • Chocolate Milk
  • 2% Milk
  • Milkshakes

Customers Weigh in on IHOP’s Coffee

Here are some reviews left by customers, with some feedback about IHOP’s coffee:

Sheldon T.

Laguna Woods, CA

This was the first time I had tried IHOP in many years and it was generally positive. Ordered were the whole grain pancakes and an order of eggs, sausage and butter milk pancakes. Very nice fluffy and tasty pancakes with excellent coffee.

Service was very slow and the server was rather curt and unfriendly. The restaurant was clean and the food was hot upon delivery.

Best experience at an IHOP in many years. The issue with the unfriendly server could be a training issue.


Great service

Great service. They are very fast and food is good and abundant. Coffee kept coming and was really hot with great flavor. Only complaint is the men’s restroom that had no soap or hand sanitizer. Made me wonder… do employees wash their hands after going?

AnaGalvan  225

Every time me and my family go to ihop i love enjoying a hot cup of their coffee, is always fresh, and the taste is never strong just perfect. The price is very reasonable because you get to drink as many as you want.


Great omelet

We ate a fajita omelet and pancakes. Both were taste and ample. Coffee was good also. Restrooms were clean.

A cup of IHOP signature Colombian blend coffee next to a plate of pancakes.

IHOP Coffee Cost in a Nutshell

The price of coffee at IHOP ranges from $2.80 to $3.41, with free refills on both their hot coffee and cold brew. IHOP also has coffee products available for home-brewing which you can buy on their website or through their retail partners like Walmart and Amazon.

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